About Us

KOVISE Foundation is an abbreviation of Knowledge, Vision and Social Empowerment Foundation. The emergence of KOVISE Foundation is to disseminate Knowledge and impart a vision in human minds and thereby brings out social empowerment in our rural society. The founder member Mrs. Surya Narmada Inbavijayan, a Horticulture/Arbitration Consultant and Govt.Registered Valuer, had foreseen the importance of awareness and advisory service in rural sectors which leads to the emergence of this foundation. This foundation laid its first stone on 6th February 2014 and official launch of this was on 14th February 2014, on Valentine’s Day to proclaim love and affection to mankind.

Our foundation is set up with noble objective to help individuals who require support in one form or another. Every individual has ability to help in one way or another and we take that forward by identifying those persons and providing them opportunities to help needy or poor individuals. We engross professionals from various fields to disseminate knowledge and train and bring awareness to the people in their respective fields in relation to Rural Development and Nature and Environment. This will impart an effective positive approach on the mindset of public and thereby a silent approach for empowerment of the rural society.

Our main objective is to develop sustainable and integrated development programs related to Traditional Methods, Agriculture, Horticulture, Livestock, Fisheries, Forestry and Nature Bio Diversity, Land, Alternate Energy, Water Resource Management, Rural Engineering and Digital Technology, Rural Hygiene and Community Development and culture and tradition, Rural youth and Women empowerment, Legal, Education and Environment which has to be imparted in Rural Society thereby bringing together various disciplines and exposing their interdependence and inter linkage. The ultimate goal of this foundation is to develop SMART VILLAGES with Self Sufficiency.

It invites people of various expertises to be a member of this foundation and thereby panel of experts. On getting proper permission from this foundation the experts can conduct training programmes in any part of the world under the aegis of KOVISE. This system functions on mutual benefit basis. This is a start up programme. Over a period of time many more goals can be set and implemented.